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Mutual agreement made in one hand by ALTIPLANOEXTREME.COM thereafter will be called the “SPONSOR”, and on the other hand, the person making the “RESERVATION” and “PAYMENT” thereafter will be called the “CLIENT”, regarding the Expedition exploration, voyage, tour or trip of any nature of their election for the year 2016 that it was denominated the "EXPEDITION" in the successive thing, which activities will be called “ITINERARY” To the stated by the following clauses under the laws of the Republic of Bolivia with no other, independent of any other laws.


The purpose of the following agreement means defining the TERMS AND CONDITIONS under which, the SPONSOR notifies and carries out the EXPEDITION as a combined extreme sport, in which the CLIENT, after filling up the RESERVATION form, and PAYMENT respective, through Internet, that enables the CLIENT to take part in all the ITINERARY activities, with all the rights, obligations and limitations stated in this document. They are in no case services or works for tourism, cultural activities or recreational, therefore tourist legislation or of any matter may not be claimed over its acts.  


The combined activities of extreme sports that the “SPONSOR” carries out through its web site are inherent to a sports activity taking place in different parts of Bolivia, they are planned and scheduled trips according to previous experiences. The fact of taking part in any of the expeditions, explorations or trips of any nature, means the express agreement by the part of the “CLIENT”.

- The "SPONSOR" provided a professional mountain guide credited by the IFMGA (International Federation of Mountain Guides Association). Maximum three people for guide

- Cook, carriers, mules, complete feeding, kitchen furniture and food when this way the espesifique the "ITINERARY".

- For the activities of Biking and Trekking or other extreme sports the “SPONSOR” a guide provided specialized in these activities.

- The SPONSOR doesn't provide to the "CLIENT" personal equipment of mountain, trekking, camping. Alone it will provide the collective team of mountain. - He will not be responsible of any act, omission or irregularity that may happen to the “CLIENT” during the time that remains far away of the respective transport means used for the “EXPEDITION” - He will not be responsible of loading, food, repatriation, or others costs or assume the bad service in restaurants and bars and others that the “ITINERARY” nor in the quality of rental equipment, mountain materials and others when it corresponds.



The "CLIENT" should comply and agreed to the following

a) Requirements and Obligations.

1.The CLIENT has to have the personal equipment of mountain, trekking and camping obligatorily

2.Good physical shape and heath matched to the activity to be developed.

3.Older than 18 years

4.The experience in climbing of high altitude, and trekking through glaciers, ice and rock climbing, trekking, biking and others extreme sports and the use and team handling - when it is applicable

5.Strictly follow the “SPONSOR” and/or guide during the “EXPEDITION”

6.Have all the documentation individual or family, passport with visa, vaccination certificate, etc. In case any document is rejected by any authority, or having been denied entry to a country for not having some requisites that are required, the “SPONSOR” does not have any responsibility over these matters.

7.Indicate if there is any illness or health problem ( allergies, asthma, diabetes cardiac problems, etc ) before the beginning of the “EXPEDITION”.

8.Let the “SPONSOR” know any physical problem or of any other nature that can arise during the “EXPEDITION”.

b) Rights

1.Private transport for the whole “EXPEDITION”.

2.Boat transport – when it is applicable

3.Supply of biking equipment (bike and hard hay), when applicable

4.Supply of kayak equipment, when it is applicable.

5.Maximum weight of 30 Kg as luggage for vehicle transport during the “EXPEDITION”.

6.Admissions to National Parks and Natural Reserves – when it is applicable.

7.Complete feeding in cities, towns and mountain

8.Equip collective (carps. strings, screws, stakes, cooking)

9.-20 kg. of weight maximum for transport in Mules and 12 kg carriers - when it is applicable.
10.Value added taxes (I.V.A.) - when it is applicable.

11. Ingreso a Parques Nacionales o Reservas Naturales - cuando sean aplicables.-

11. Impuestos sobre el Valor Agregado (I.V.A.) - cuando sean aplicables.-

c) Limitations The consideration of being a “CLIENT” does not give the right to:

1.- Any personal equipment of mountain, trekking and camping or rental of these ones, food and supply of food of any nature in the whole “EXPEDITION”. Visas, airport taxes and/or costs of entrance and exit, vaccination certificates, extra costs such as coffee, wine, liquor, mineral water, special diets. There is not life insurance, medical insurance, hospitalization costs, medicines, nor wash or iron of clothes, tips and any other general expense such as rights of the “CLIENT” or that states specifically in the “ITINERARY”



1)To agree with the TERMS and CONDITIONS for “RESERVATION".

2)Fill and send the respective “RESERVATION" form.

3)The due date for sending the “RESERVATION” is 30 days prior to the chosen “EXPEDITION”.

4)You will receive of SPONSOR via e-mail the confirmation of the RESERVATION with the complementary data for the respective PAYMENT.


1.Credit transfer of 30% of the total price of the EXPEDITION requested to name from the SPONSOR to the moment of the RESERVATION. A term of 7 business days settles down for the transfer.

2.The remaining 70% will be paid cash indefectibly by the “CLIENT” to the SPONSOR before the beginning of the requested EXPEDITION.

3. There are not compensation, refund or refund of money when the “CLIENT” not becomes present at the specified hour of departure, desist of participating before or during the EXPEDITION for any anyone is the cause or reason, the objectives of the EXPEDITION are not completed.


I state to have read, understood and agreed all that is written on the document of the TERMS and CONDITIONS. Aware of the risks and dangers that could happen during the “EXPEDITION”, of the trekking, biking, kayak, mountain climbing or other extreme sports, in those that I will participate voluntarily, as well as the dangers of traveling or crossing difficult terrains, mountain ranges, streams and ponds, forest, deserts, etc. having inherent risks such as, lateness, loss, personal damage, illness or death and such medical attention is not available in far away areas as the situation requires. Also mechanical help is limited. Fuels are scared, I state the following:

a)I do not have physical problems or obstacles over health or psychological that could affect my participation in the “EXPEDITION” and that I am able to participate without causing risk, danger, illness or accident, to my self as well as any other third parties.

b)I have enough experience and knowledge over the sports and activities that I will practice in the “EXPEDITION”, also handling and using the respective equipment.

c)My participation in the different activities of the “EXPEDITION” will be subject to the approval of the “SPONSOR” or the leader guide in charge of the activity, exempting of any responsibility before any unforeseen event or not, to this, to his/her employees and the “SPONSOR”

d)The decision of staying, continuing or returning depends on the “SPONSOR”, and its continue on or having to quit before due to atmospheric, weather, social or political conditions does not mean

any refund or personal damage payment for not having achieved all the goals of the “PROGRAM”.

e)I exempt the “SPONSOR”, the General Manager Mr. Alfredo E. Villca Maida , the Expeditions

Manager, to its representatives and employees, of any responsibility and state that I will not make claims or trials for any damage or prejudice on me, nor matter its cause or origin and originates of my participation in the “EXPEDITION”.

f)Neither the “SPONSOR”, nor its representatives and employees are responsible of

any kind of the damages and injuries that I would receive by the trips on vehicles, by the activities of other participants, or for own initiative I carry out other activities outside the scheduled “ITINERARY”, or I do not follow the route, the way and the guide recommendations.

g)The success of the “EXPEDITION” is subjected to unforeseen of human or other nature, to

Subjective and objective dangers, therefore the adventurous spirit, solidarity and good willingness are fundamental.

I assume all the responsibility and having also the value of a contract between my self and the “SPONSOR”. The same document mandates my heir, executors, managers, supervisors and in the case the members of my family to comply with




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